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Welcome to Free Web Polls Service

MyPolls.net is an easy way to add customized,interactive opinion polls to your web site. They are fast, easy, and FREE! Get instant feedback from your site's visitors! Highly customizable and easy to use free web polls for webmasters. The best control panel for poll owner on the web! Allows you to generate real-time free web polls for your web site visitors. Get a free web poll for your web site. Easy to set up and configure, with no ads!
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Unlimited Numbers of Free Web Polls for Each Registered User
We offer unlimited number of polls for each registered user. The most of related services offer just several polls for each user. It doesn't suit to everyone, because it's limit you in choice, but we don't limit you and give you an opportunity to create as much polls as you want.
Unlimited Numbers of Votes for Each Registered Free Web Poll
It gives an ability to vote to all site or web page's visitors in polls.
Up to 20 Answers for Each Free Web Poll
Many services limit the number of answer's up to 10 variants, we expanded this ability up to 20 answers, because the less number is not always enough for you.
12 Color Themes for Each Web Site Poll
We offer 12 color themes for your poll, it's enough to choose even one which will match to your web site's style.
Visitors can post comments for opinion polls
Sometimes during the poll you need to know Why did the visitors voted in this or another way. And we give you such ability, participants can post message or comment to their vote.
Real Time Online Results for free web polls
All polls refresh online in a real time, it means that all votes count immediately without any delays.
No CGI-BIN directory required for our remote hosted polls
Our service doesn't require CGI-BIN directory on your website or web page, unlike of PHP, Perl , ASP or others scripts, which are sometimes very difficult in installation and configuration and hard to understand for common users.
No HTML knowledge required
Our service doesn't require HTML knowledge, this code will be generated automatically by our service, you just need cut and paste it in your web page.
We Host Your Free Web Site Polls
We fully take your care about servicing of your opinion poll and it is absolutely free.
Such unique address will be given to every poll. It is much easy to remember than this one http://mypolls.net/vote_script/poll.php?poll=my_poll
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